Taekwondo/Tang Soo Do Point Style Sparring

Korean Open Point Style

The #1 NUMBER ONE concern of the Battle of Columbus and its officials is to maintain the safety of all athletes, coaches, spectators, officials and any other individuals involved, participating in, or otherwise related to the tournament. The Battle of Columbus/Martial Arts World Games will use the AAU Point Style Sparring Competition Rules as a GUIDELINE (not a strict rule) including the following exceptions:
  • age, weight, and rank brackets may be combined to create competitive divisions
  • Olympic-style hogus, not just rib protectors, will be allowed
  • there are no additional points awarded for spinning head kicks in the Youth divisions (all Belt ranks ages 5-14, and colored belts ages 15-17)
  • there are no Joo-eui (verbal warnings), all prohibited acts will result in a kyonggo or gamjeon